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Monthly Marketing Statistics

October through November 2016

The monthly market stats are out for the month. 

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Genesee County Stats:

Through November of 2016 the Genesee County residential market has shown positive growth throughout the year. In comparing 2016 on a month by month basis to the five year average for each month, 9 of the 11 completed months have exceeded the average for that particular month!



Livingston County Stats:

As with numerous areas around the State November was a banner month for residential closings. This continues for the county which has 3,345 closed residential sales year-to-date through November.

In addition, the mean average has gone from $220,029 to $238,310 or an 8.31% increase!



Oakland County Stats:

The closed residential sales for Oakland County in November were once again above the five year average.

The year-over-year mean average has gone from $199,357 to $212,326 of an increase of 6.50%.