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I live in Fenton and really love the vibrance of the city along with the growth.  The diversity is what attracts me to the people of the city. 

Fenton has much to offer beside Real Estate with all of it's Restaurants such as Fenton House, Andiamo's, Sagano's, Ciao, The Meeting Place, Corner Bar and many others.  The growing retail is what also makes it great to be in Fenton.

Being conveniently located in the southern edge, on the corner of three counties (Genesee, Livingston, Oakland), there is easy access to major expressways.  The city continues to expand it's boundaries since Robert LeRoy, one of the founders, drew the first plat for the city in the mid 1800s.  With a population of over 12,000.

Since 1995, the City of Fenton has experienced a boom in both housing and business which continues today.  With today's shopping in the largest commercial shopping district in Fenton, it is a great mix with the small town shops in the heart of the city.  The city continues to grow with many new single-family  residential communities over the last few years with a trend towards apartment and condominium living.

So if you are looking for homes for sale in Fenton MI, scroll down and see the most active listings.

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